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Published on November 9th, 2011 | by Ruth


Tequila Time: Flavors Mix It Up

We love tequi­la. Of all the al­co­hols, tequi­la is your friend who likes to go to par­ties. Some­time at s par­ty tequi­la stays out too late. Some­times tequi­la doesn’t have the best judge­ment. But wow, does tequi­la have fun. We tried out a set of five dif­fer­ent tequi­las from Marazul, ready to have fun- the ex­pect­ed Re­posa­do and Ane­jo, and some more sur­pris­ing va­ri­eties: pomegranate, ba­nana and cof­fee.

The bot­tles of the en­tire line are quite ap­peal­ing- scal­loped glass with long, nar­row bot­tle tops and a dec­o­ra­tive cork. They look like some­thing it would be nice to re­ceive as a gift. Un­for­tu­nate­ly the fla­vor doesn’t live up to the pack­ag­ing. We usu­al­ly pre­fer a tequi­la we can sip or mix. Nei­ther the Re­posa­do or the Ane­jo were ap­peal­ing alone. With suf­fi­cient sim­ple syrup, lime and oth­er mix­ers we were able to dis­guise the fla­vor suf­fi­cient­ly to en­joy, but past col­lege, the ap­peal to al­co­hol like that is lim­it­ed.

We ap­proached the fla­vored va­ri­eties with a mix­ture of ex­cite­ment and trep­i­da­tion. Cof­fee tequi­la? Re­al­ly? Pomegranate made a cer­tain amount of sense, and ba­nana seemed like an in­trigu­ing idea. Across the board our tasters hat­ed the pomegranate. “It tastes like cough syrup, and not the good kind,” and “Euw,” were pret­ty rep­re­sen­ta­tive com­ments. The cof­fee didn’t fare much bet­ter. If the strange taste idea can work, this ver­sion of it cer­tain­ly didn’t sell us on it. The ba­nana, fi­nal­ly, al­so failed to sell us on the tequi­la. If we were unim­pressed with the Re­posa­do and Ane­jo, we felt hos­tile­ly greet­ed by the fla­vored tequi­las we tried.

Bot­tom line: pret­ty bot­tles, but in the price range of $35-$70, a miss to pur­chase. We’d say you’re bet­ter off pur­su­ing oth­er bev­er­ages. This tequi­la might want to please, but some­times you have to re­al­ize that a drink is try­ing too hard.

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